Last Minute Gift Baskets

Great Gift Baskets for Any Occasion

This 2016 Gift baskets are a thoughtful and cheap way of putting together presents that are sure to delight almost anyone, of any age. If you get into the habit of giving gift baskets to most people, then you will find that they are easy to prepare, and you can stock up on the basic materials, so that the outlay is reduced even further, and you always have the things you need on hand.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket

While most people buy baskets to put gifts in, you don’t have to – you can get creative and cover wooden boxes from Costco in wrapping paper, put the gifts in an organizing tote that you picked up from a discount store, or stick them in baskets from Homegoods. Get into the habit of looking out for baskets that might be suitable when you’re shopping around.

Prepare Your Baskets Over Time

Throughout the year, whenever you see something cheap and cute that could make a nice gift, buy it. Stash the gifts in a storage box, and then when a special occasion comes around take a look and see what you can find that suits the intended recipient.
You can always flesh out the gift basket with themed items – for example, a goodbye gift for a student going on a gap year could be a travel-themed basket with travel toiletries, a monogrammed passport wallet and luggage tag, a map of the intended destination, travel plugs, and other practical items.
A baby shower gift basket can include some handy items for the baby and for the mother too – healthy snacks, toys, sleep masks, and anything that you think might be useful for that first week or so after the baby is born.
A get-well-soon gift basket could include the traditional grapes, as well as some chocolate, a book that they will probably enjoy reading, some magazines for them to flip through, an eye mask to help them sleep, aromatherapy candles to clear their head, and maybe some ‘man flu’ soup or some other quirky brand of ‘medicinal’ food that will make them laugh – and make them feel better too.

The Finishing Touch

Include a little note in the basket. Take the time to write a personal message saying what the basket is for, and sign it. You don’t have to write an essay, but a small personal note will put a smile on the recipient’s face.